Social Media Management

If you've got a website for your business you'll most likely have a social media account or two. What for you're not sure, neither are you clear about what to put on it. But as long as you've got one, that's what counts right?

The majority of businesses approach social media in this way and wouldn't be blamed for doing so. After all, writing 140 characters isn't exactly rocket science.

But if asked whether they're making the most of their social media or whether it generated them any business, most people that apply this approach would probably have no idea. Yet social media, when managed and executed effectively, can generate enquiries for almost any business - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Our approach is to get to the heart of what you want to achieve from social media and investigate the most suitable channels for you to engage on. From there, we'll help you to establish a tone of voice and direction for your posts; all the while keeping your objectives at the forefront. Don't forget that less can be more when it comes to social media accounts - it's always better to do one or two really well than have multiple accounts you don't have the resource to handle.

In addition to outsourcing your social media to us we also offer the option of in-house training. In-house staff can be very well placed to update accounts on the day to day goings on in your business, but it's vital that they have a strategy to follow in order to maximise their activity.

For more information or to discuss our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram account management services, please drop us a line.