Project Management

Marketing Managers - we're here for you! Having been in exactly your shoes, we know that running marketing campaigns is no mean feat.

Be it a website, a report, printed literature or a variety of elements to form a specific campaign, finding the time to see through implementation can be near on impossible and projects can soon stack up.

At Slice Marketing, we're well used to the process having overseen and managed marketing projects for many clients over the years. With all the to-ing and fro-ing with agencies/designers, agreeing content, sourcing images and don't forget the copy - embarking on a big marketing project can soon turn into a full time job in itself.

At Slice Marketing, we can take the headache away by project managing the whole process. Having overseen and managed a myriad of marketing campaigns (you name it, we've probably done it), we know how to ensure a campaign runs smoothly and meets its objectives.

We don't develop websites and we're certainly not graphic designers. We do know how to make the most out of a marketing project though and can take the strain off the hands of business owners or internal marketing teams, bringing projects to completion on time and to meet the business' objectives.

Our experience of working with external agencies over the years ensures you won't be stung with a huge bill or left with a finished product you're dissatisfied with at the end of the process.

We also have a tried and trusted network of contacts that we've built up over the years, so can direct you to the right people from our little black book depending on the requirements of your project.

We love a challenge, so for more information on getting us involved with a marketing project, drop us a line. We'd love to help.