Digital Marketing

Your website is one of, if not your most, important marketing platform.

But having a nice looking website is just the start; what’s the use in having a great site if no-one ever visits it?

With a background that includes working at a digital marketing agency, making websites work is our ‘thing’.

We love nothing more than taking a website, looking at where it can be improved, getting to work implementing a strategy and watching the visitors come. It’s all about getting your slice of the market.

Our digital marketing services include:

Website project management / ongoing website management / SEO / content marketing / social media management.

Website Project Management

When the time comes to redevelop your website, or you need a new site to market a particular product line or target a new audience, you will naturally want to make sure it's right. However, this can be an extremely time consuming process; soon turning into a full-time job that you simply don't have time for.

At Slice Marketing, we're well used to the process having overseen and managed website projects for many clients over the years.

As such, we know how to make the most out of a website development project and can take the strain off the hands of the business owners, whilst also ensuring you get value for money and a finished product you're happy with.

To speak to us about digital marketing support that will help you secure your slice of the market, get in touch here